Let you shine

Splendid modern vibrations, from an ancient tradition.

Venetie jewelry distils everything that makes the concept of modern Italian charm and luxury unique and desirable.

A cutting-edge design interprets the latest trends in precious stones with taste, elegance and passion for detail, in brand new lines and volumes, minimalistic yet sumptuous, which never fails to excite and intrigue.

Tradition. The style and quality of Venetie’s highly sought-after objects have their roots in a land which has a centuries-old tradition of cultivating and developing goldsmithery and jewelry as an art form, entrusted to the hands and ideas of masters of style who hand down from generation to generation their excellent and enviable expertise and knowledge.

What matters is a precious style. Every single day.

Venetie believes in the total creative and expressive freedom of its designers. It is the choice which distinguishes the brand on the global jewelry scene: precious, elegant and perfect objects, the result of continuous stylistic and technical research, dedicated to men and women with a sharp, refined sense of taste and sensibility.

Venetie is aimed at a young and elegant audience which is in tune with current trends, taken on with lighthearted amusement, often ahead of the times: jewelry worn not as an ornament, but as a natural and key accessory for modern and up-to-date outfits. Important because it is precious, valuable because it is alive and vibrant in the choices of every day; the glistening signature of dynamic personalities.


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